About Us

Scott Invent Pvt. Ltd. is an inventing Company in the business of e-commerce, Digital Solutions and Web Innovations. We have extensive experience in the field of IT sector, Digital solutions and E-commerce business research etc. The Brand of Bargainklick is promoted under the aegis of Scott Invent Group Ltd in UK. The company is looking to capitalize on the burgeoning trend of e-commerce industry with the unique and patented concept of “Online Bargain Shopping”.

Scott Invent Group Ltd. is working in the field of Bulk Deal Hub creation through the Brand of Bargainklick for B2B and B2C deals with the concept of “BUY FROM INDIA”. Company is also creating a manufacturing Hub through Bargainklick for UK and other European counties Brand’s products manufacture outsourcing service from India , IT solutions for business processes and web solutions to the business world.